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everyones going on and on about sousuke rin and harus angst and im just like “okay but mako and rin talked for like 20 seconds tho”

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Haruka is clearly intimidated by Rin’s ‘light’ which he associates with the ‘future’ and perhaps that’s why he ends up unintentionally extinguishing said light.

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S1 EP 12 & S2 EP 09
Do you not understand that what you do out there is going to impact your future?

This is killing me

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that’s it. that’s the movie.

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Ok. So i had this dream where Dean and Sam where stuck in this alternative universe and everything was crazy as shit. The town was like Night Vale, really. And they had this purple sky. But it was a town where literally hell was on earth. I mean, demons, people and angels live together and it was so fucking weird for them.


Dean and Sam find this cuTe Little angel Castiel who is a sweet heart, smiles all the time, speaks softly, and has this big school girl crush at first sight with Dean and omg he’s super innocent and he’s just a cutie and nobody cant resist him because he’s so beautiful so Sam treats him like a child and Cas is happy to be spoiled and Dean ends up falling for him too cause ‘come.on man! He’s gorgeous!’ And yeah and for the first time in their lives everyone is happy and there are no bad guys to follow because demons and angels are just regular people that you can find in the mall and Dean refuse to leave cause this Castiel is so good and makes him feel love and he can’t deal being away from him and yeaH

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Loki’s face when hearing Thor say this, right after he figured out he was Jotun.

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I love Mexico because we have a big variety of tacos and all of them are different and delicious at the same time. They are all special on its own way and that’s beautiful.

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FREE! / Pokemon crossover!!!

haru: dolphin + vaporeon

makoto: orca + lanturn

kiss me: betta fish + dewgong 

gou: shark + corsola

rei: flying fish + finneon

nagisa: sunset anthias + piplup

sousuke: whale shark + seadra

rin: shark + sharpedo

ai: pilot fish + ducklett

momotaro: clown fish + buizel

first time making a gif ((((((;v;))))))

mas cositosw beshos oh maw go

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Tony didn’t care how Loki escaped from Asgard. He was back. And was the only that matters.

Tony didn’t care how Loki escaped from Asgard. He was back. And was the only that matters.


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